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Hello, here are our Top 10 Pharmacist Locum and Pharmacy Technician Locums available across the UK to fill your January roster gaps. Be quick, these Pharmacists will go quickly & we always have 2 references for each candidate.

Candidate 1 | Independent Prescribing Pharmacist Locum, London & UK

  • Location: London, but willing to go UK wide for the right IP role.
  • Available: 6th Jan, can work part time/full time
  • Experience: 5 years of NHS and GP practice experience as a qualified Independent Prescriber, abundance of minor ailments experience.

Candidate 2 | Band 3 Pharmacy Assistant, Basildon +1.5hrs travel

  • Location: Basildon – Willing to travel 1.5 hours on public transport
  • Available: From January 6th 2020 – 5 days a week
  • Experience: Has 1 and a half years’ experience Pharmacy Assistance stores experience in an NHS hospital
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Candidate 3 | Band 5/6 Pharmacy Technician, Peterborough

  • Location: Peterborough – Willing to travel up to 2 hours
  • Available: From 6th Jan – Weekend work
  • Experience: Has 15 years’ experience in Prison and Community, prison clearance still in place
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Candidate 4 | Band 8a Clinical Pharmacist Locum, Leicester +1hr travel

  • Location: Leicester – Willing to travel up to 1 hour
  • Available: From beginning of Jan – 3-5 days week
  • Experience: Has over 8 years’ experience wards and dispensary cover experience in the NHS
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Candidate 5 | Band 7 Clinical Pharmacist, Hounslow +1 hr travel

  • Location: Hounslow – Willing to travel up to 1 hour
  • Available: From beginning of Jan 2020
  • Experience: Has over 5 years Private and NHS Hospital experience in Haematology, Clinical trials, Wards and Dispensary cover
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Candidate 6 | Band 7/8a Clinical Pharmacist, London

  • Location: East London, can travel anywhere in Inner/Outer London
  • Available Immediately – needing 3 days per week
  • Experience: Has 2 and half years clinical pharmacy experience in a large NHS hospital, covering numerous rotations and wards.
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Candidate 7 | Band 5 ACT Pharmacy Technician, Yorkshire

  • Location Leeds/Yorkshire – willing to travel up to 1.5 hours
  • Available from 6th Jan 2020 – 5 days per week
  • Experience 3 years hospital experience, ACT accredited, and dispensary experience
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Candidate 8 | Band 5/6 Aseptic Pharmacy Technician, Bedfordshire

  • Location Bedfordshire – willing to drive one hour
  • Available 6th Jan – 5 days per week
  • Experience 5 years hospital experience, working heavily within Aseptics and Clinical Trials
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Candidate 9 | Band 6 Pharmacist, Essex + 2 hours travel

  • Location Essex – travel 2 hours
  • Available Immediately – 4/5 days per week
  • Experience 1 years hospital experience covering inpatient dispensary, seeking dispensary based role.
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Candidate 10 | Band 5 ACT Pharmacy Technician, Torquay

  • Location Torquay – Willing to travel 1.5 hours
  • Available From 13th January 2020 – 3 to 4 days a week
  • Experience Has over 10 years’ experience covering NHS hospitals and Prisons and is ACT accredited.
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Meet Alex Roberts.
Our Pharmacist Locum Recruitment Specialist.

Alex Roberts. Pharmacist Locum recruitment specialist.
I’ve been working placing pharmacists and pharmacy technicians for the past 2 years. I understand the challenges Pharmacies face when it comes to resource – especially over the winter months.

Should you have a role that one of the options up above are not suitable for, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email, I would be delighted to find a suitable option from our exclusive network of candidates for you.

If easier, please submit your role here or connect with me on LinkedIn.

I look forward to helping you.