The podcast. The method of digesting a great swathe of information through your headphones at a time that suits. We love a great podcast here at Hunter AHP and thought we would collate some of our favourites that are specific to the world of Occupational Therapy.

The Royal College of Occupational Therapy podcast series.

A great episode to digest when you get a chance is ‘How to influence the profession and develop your career: a conversation with Patricia McClure’’

Occupied by Brock Cook.

Brock is an OT from Australia who interviews OT’s from around the world every fortnight. He covers OT in general and has a keen interest in the topic of Mental health within OT.

Listen back to the episode he did with Jamie Grant from the Occupational Therapy Hub:

Holly Cohen Occupational Therapist TEDx Talk.

Not technically a podcast, but we loved the TED talk from Holly Cohen at DIYability, which has the superb title of ‘Accessible Fart Machines and hand-less Video Game Controllers’. Great to see an OT up on the big stage talking OT!

OT & Chill

A relatively new podcast series here in the UK, from an OT working with Youth Offenders, Kwaku Agyemang. We love the natural flow of the OT & Chill podcast, as well as this episode where Kwaku interviews Keir Harding.